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Housing Difficulties? Coliving Is The Solution

After living your entire life with your family, it is intimidating to move out of the family home. Reason can be that you wish to study further in some other city or you have taken up a new job. No matter what your reasons are; living on your own comes with its own set of problems. How do you solve the problem that arise as a single individual moving in a big city? Coliving is the solution to most of the problems that you may likely face when you live alone.

We will discuss one by one how coliving is the solution to the common problems faced by millennials in detail down below, but let’s first understand the concept of coliving first.

Coliving is a relatively new concept in our country. As the name suggests, coliving is a modern form of shared housing for people with similar interest. Fully furnished, well – maintained accommodations with amenities and services create an exciting and stimulating environment for people of different background to stay, mingle and share experiences.

Preferred over PGs and rental apartments by millennials and the working people in big cities like Mumbai; coliving is helping them get affordable homes in prime locations near their work or study places with premium amenities. 

Now that we know about the concept of coliving; let us discuss in details how coliving can overcome the potential various problems faced.

1.     Finances

Money is one of the major challenges that one can come across once you move to a new city. You need to budget a lot of things as you take up a house. Expenses like rent, electricity bills, fuel, and maintenance, maids, along with other personal expenses like commuting, grooming, clothes and other miscellaneous expenses mounts to a huge sum of money. Apart from this, looking for a rental flat near your workplace in city like Mumbai may not always be affordable.

But co-living is the solution to this problem as your expenses gets cut down drastically. Since these accommodations are fully furnished, with lots of added facilities and premium amenities at an affordable price.  

2) Locality

On moving to a new city, after finance; the most important factor is locality of house. In big and expensive city like Mumbai; rental house near your place of work will come at a very big cost. And if you happen to take place at a faraway location, the long commute, time and energy spent in travelling is enough to drain you.

Thus, locality becomes one of the major rental challenges for any newbie. Moreover, if you consider living close to your workplace, you might hardly find an affordable rental space. 

So like expenses, staying at a coliving is a better option as most of these are located near major commercial complexes. This would save you lots of time and energy apart from avoiding traffic jams while commuting.

3) Facilities

Most of the rental places do not come with even basic facilities. The house may be completely empty or with bare minimum furniture if at all. The maintenance of rental accommodations and housekeeping is almost always to be borne by the tenant. In this scenario, the time, expense and energy to have a house up and running falls completely on the tenant. Not to mention the follow-ups with an electrician or a plumber in case of an issue.

Again, coliving is the solution to all these woes. These accommodations are fully furnished and maintained by the co-living agency. So the hassle to procure furniture, hire a maid, follow up handyman is usually taken care of by the agency.

4) Loneliness

Staying alone comes with lots of responsibilities and expenses; add to it staying all alone with no one to be with. This can be a major source of anxiety or even depression. Finding a roommate is another cumbersome and long procedure which can go wrong if your happen to make a wrong judgement about a person.

Here again coliving is the solution as the agency looks after finding a roommate along with background checks and police verification.

So, if you are on a lookout for a coliving in Mumbai; Antilla provides professionally managed co-living spaces (PG accommodations) for working professionals and students.

Locations: Andheri East, Kurla, Powai, Vikroli, BKC, Bhandup, Ghatkopar, Thane (West).

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