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9 Simple and Affordable Home Decor Ideas for millennials

In today’s time, maintaining a home is such an effort with regards to time and money. If you are staying in PG, shared apartments or rental homes; then it makes no sense to spend such huge amount of money on interiors. Home decor need not always be expensive. There are plenty of simple and affordable home decor ideas to bring that sophisticated and exquisite look to your house without burning a hole in your pocket.

You only need time, patience, loads of imagination and creativity to make your home a dream home.

Let’s list how we can incorporate simple and affordable home decor ideas to liven up our space.

1. Add curtains

Green and white curtains and a plant

Curtains are an important part of any home.

They control the light, separate spaces and provide privacy.

They also dress up the windows and become an important feature that completes the decoration.

They have a high decorative value and also come in a multitude of colours, patterns, fabrics and materials, out of which a particular one can be chosen depending on the need. For example, if the walls are painted with neutral shades, the ideal thing would be to choose curtains that blend the colours of furniture and other attractive elements featured in the room.  

The length of the curtains is another important aspect in selection of the curtains – whether reaching the floors or just ending at or below the window sill or based on the look that you are after – traditional, formal or casual.

Transparent curtains look very chic but do not give privacy.

2. Rearrange furniture

A living room

No matter what style of furniture you choose, having the right  arrangement makes or breaks the look of the room.

Sometimes, improper arrangement of the furniture may make you feel that you need more furniture. Rearranging the furniture will impart a new look to any room.

While rearranging, ensure that your furniture does not obstruct your movement and leave enough room for people to walk around.

3. Reuse old objects

An old pot with plant

You do not need to throw away your old and unused objects in the trash.

You can repurpose them and give them a second life and use them to cheer up up your space. Some great examples can be transforming an old wooden ladder into storage shelves, old crockeries into plant holders, unused glass bottles into lamp fixtures.

4. Hang pictures and photographs

Fill your walls with family photographs, classic paintings and use fancy cards in photo frames to make inexpensive but glamorous photos.

They are very fashionable and budget-friendly option to add a personal touch to your home.

A well decorated bedroom

It is advisable to choose a wall where the photos will stand out and become the focal point and center of attention.

Also hang them at the correct height, neither too high nor too low, such that it falls in the range of vision of the people.

Before getting them on the wall, choose the shape, style and colour of the frame for each piece by following a unifying theme.

5. Spread rugs

A well decorated bedroom

Tossing a stylish rug on the floor is one of the quickest and budget friendly ways to add the decorative accent to your room.

Rugs add colour, warmth, freshness, comfort, apart from beautifying your home when chosen appropriately.  

The size of the rug should be based on the dimension of the room in which it will be laid.

6. Add throw pillows

throw pillows on sofa

Throw pillows and cushions are some of the interesting accents a home can have.

They create the factor of elegance and glamour when they are thrown on the sofa, bed, armchair or on a window seat. They also provide great comfort and warmth when chosen carefully.

Before placing them, take into account the quantity, size, colour, texture, placement and also organization to get the most out of your throw pillows and cushions.

Play with colours, fabrics, volume, layers, and unexpected contrasts to give a unique personality to the sofa/bed.

7. Use mirror to make some magic

A statement mirror is a quick and easy way to bring some charm and drama into your home without overspending.

8. Go green

An interesting plant display, like the hanging heartleaf plant and succulent setup livens up a neutral looking room.

Apart from beautifying the room; plants also purify the air in the house.

9. Fairy lights

a bedroom decorated with fairy lights.

Add a magical charm to any space by decorating with luminous fairy lights.

They look fantastic indoors and can be used to decorate all year round.

Fairy lights create an ambiance that is warm, cozy, romantic. They help to set a mood and they are so many ways to decorate with them.

The right set of warm lights is something that you must search for when it’s time to redecorate your house. For this, all you need is your creative instincts and a few organizing skills with fairy lights. 


Using simple and affordable home decor ideas can help you to be at ease with your home.

Do not go overboard and overdo it. Overdoing the décor with too many features can upset the visual balance and make your home look cluttered.

When it comes to home décor, always remember “less is more”.

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