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9 Easy Ways Of Cutting Your Food Bill

When you are staying alone in a new city in a pg or shared apartment; the expenses you incur are never ending. From food, electricity to water charges and maid salary. Never mind the commuting and personal expenses. In this scenario, it becomes very difficult to manage the financial aspect of staying on your own. There are many other areas in which you can reduce your expenses, but a major portion of expenses still goes on food ie eating out or groceries. In order to manage the finances better, you can adopt different and easy ways of cutting your food bill every month.

Here’s how you can go about it.


Nowadays, the hectic work schedule leaves us with very little time to make food. Most millennials today who work in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai tend to order food from outside rather than bring their lunch from home. This adds a considerable amount of money to their monthly expenses.

Getting yourself home cooked lunch for work can help you in cutting your food bill alongside a healthier meal to eat. 


Most millennials today do not have enough time to cook at home or most of them do not even cook at all. But cooking at home can save thousands per month. 

To start with, look for easy, quick, and healthy recipes online — there are a tons of them on YouTube, blogs and even on social media websites. Take some time to learn and try out these new and exciting recipes. Believe us, it will be a very satisfying experience when you will know that you’ve cooked your meals yourself. 


So you have learned to cook and now you can make a variety of dishes. But you need to be careful about the quantity of food cooked. Too often, we do not realise the amount of food needed and we tend to make it a lot more than required. After eating the same things a couple of times or a couple of days; we tend to throw it away.  

Inorder to avoid such a scenario, its best to limit the amount of food cooked and avoid the wastage and reduce the food bill.


Does buying staples in bulk helps you in cutting your food bill and add to your savings every month? Well, it certainly does. We, as kids, have all seen our parents visit grocery stores and buying cartons or bags of essentials every month. However, millennials today are in the habit of going out to shop only when necessary and do not take into account how much they can save when they buy in bulk. 

Moreover, some stores and supermarkets even offer additional discounts and points on buying in bulk from them, helping you save more.

Buying meat, poultry, detergents and staples in bulk often translates into substantial amount of savings.

Some items that can be bought in bulk are meat, poultry, rice, pasta and legumes. These staples help whip up a simple meal with minimal ingredients at the drop of a hat.


Do you prepare a list before hitting the grocery store? If not, you should always consider preparing a list of items you need to shop for. There might be many enticing offers in the store which can be very tempting but having a list of items, you only buy things which you absolutely need.  


Keep an eye open for coupons and sales. These might be found active on certain days of the week like Wednesdays or Mondays or even during festive months. You must plan your shopping day of the month according to those selected days. Using this as an alternative will ensure healthy savings for you every month.


This is important but often ignored. While you simply can’t resist ordering food from your favorite restaurants, you can sometimes lookout for apps that give cashbacks and discounts. You can even save and order food on these apps during special occasions and festivals for a nice discount, thus helping you in cutting your food bill and making a healthy saving. 


This is what we Indians do all the time. Steamed rice gets presented again as lemon rice. Leftover rotis gets eaten again as a veg or chicken wrap. The list is endless. This is how we have saved tons of food from going in the bin along with saving tons of money.


Planning out your meals based on your current food stock and what’s on sale that week can lead to enormous savings. 

With meal planning, you’re able to use what you already have at home, which means you’re not spending additional money on new items. The added benefit is that you’re able to utilize your stockpile, and thus reduce wastage. It also gives a way to make more creative meals by swapping recipe ingredients with items you already have in stock. 


Though most of us love to satiate our taste buds every once in a while but these add to our monthly expenditure and the dream of healthy savings every month is put on hold. Also, having a takeaway can cause serious harm to one’s health. This is why you must consider cutting your food bill every month. 

What do you do to cut food bill each month? Comment below.

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