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6 Precautionary Measures For Flatmates during Pandemic

Even with the opening of more economic activities and fewer restrictions, the risk of COVID-19 still persists. Our lives have changed drastically because of this. From being extremely active with studies, work and social life to staying at home for months on end, we have come a long way.  So, if you are living in a PG or shared Apartment, there are necessary precautionary measures for flatmates to follow in order to stay safe and protected from COVID-19.

For this, you and your roommates needs to be aware and socially responsible. Your flatmates play an important role in your lives, so if they shows any negligence, it can create difficulty for you as well.

Here are some easy precautionary measures for flatmates to follow during pandemic.

1) Wash your hands frequently

We all know how important it is to wash hands frequently these days. This is the first and foremost step to prevent the infection of coronavirus from entering your body. It is also the easiest way to stay safe. So, wash your hands several times a day.  

It is also very important to realise that you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. The advertisements that claim so are true as this has been proven clinically. Do it and also remind your flatmates to do the same. This simple habit will change and reduce the chances of virus entering your body.

2) Maintaining social distance while working

When you are working from home, ensure you work in separate rooms or at a considerable distance.

Avoid touching each other’s personal items such as laptops, notepads, stationery products, mobile phones, earphones and more. This simple practice of distancing will help you to prevent from spreading infection or bacteria if there is any.

Also, when you are working, you require several things such as a water bottle, pen, pencil, charger, and more. Make sure all these things remain separate.

3) Go out only if necessary

To protect yourself and your flatmates, it is important to not go out as much as possible. Whether it is for shopping, doctor’s appointment, or anything else, go out only when it is absolutely necessary. Nowadays, most of the services are available online.

On the other hand, if you have to go out, make sure you wear a proper mask and gloves to protect yourself from any infection.

Avoid touching things and counters whenever you go out and visit a store. Maintain distance from other people and finish off your work as soon as possible.

4) Ground rules

Prepare a list of rules, do’s and don’ts that you will follow along with your flatmates at any cost. This is to ensure COVID appropriate behaviour is followed and you both stay on the same page to ensure your safety and control the spread.

This includes not allowing other people to visit your house or you visiting others, minimizing the requirement to call plumbers, electricians, or other handymen, avoiding visits to health care centres unless it’s emergency, and taking care of your health.

Also, decide from where, when and how you will buy groceries or shop for other things.

Know how to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, and live with each other while maintaining appropriate distance and prevent the risk of infection.

5) Disinfect 

Using pleasant smelling disinfectant on objects that are frequently used by all like remotes, door knobs, handles, chairs, phones, drawers, etc. This disinfectant should be a crucial part of your and your flatmates daily cleaning routine,

6) Plan for worse 

Discuss with your room on how to deal if things get worse or if someone in the house gets infected.

This plan must include things like how to help the infected person while they are in self-quarantine.

This can also include the best ways of managing the situation like using gloves, not entering their room, using separate washrooms, using separate utensils, and disinfecting them as much as possible for hygiene purposes. How to provide food, water and other medications to the infected person? what precautions are needed while entering their room, if using the same washrooms make sure all of you disinfect after use, and what precautions the infected person needs to take to refrain from spreading the coronavirus.

And if things get worse, layout a plan and a schedule on when and how will someone go out to buy groceries or other essential items. How to dispose of garbage of any other item that may be a source of the virus. 


All the above-mentioned precautionary measures for flatmates are very easy to follow and adapt in your daily routine. Stay home and stay safe. We all are going through a very difficult patch but with all these precautions; we can reduce and even finish this infectious COVID 19 virus from our lives.

Let’s hope and pray for the best. 

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